Friday, February 18, 2011

XS Manx

I pulled some long hours in the shop the last few days to get the wheels for the Manx bike built, we're going to use H profile 18x2.15 rims laced with Buchanan stainless spokes to the stock hubs for this bike.  The smaller front wheel should make the front end a bit more nimble, alloy rims came stock on the XS650, but the stock spokes were in poor shape, so it made sense to go with stainless, polish everything, and rebuild the wheels properly.

Lacing the rims takes the better part of an hour, truing takes the rest, but the result is definitely worth while.  Polishing these parts up from the snotty stock parts took hours and hours, but again, was well worth it for what will be a show stopping bike.

I got the wheels to Toby yesterday and he was able to mount the new tires, and balance the wheels.  He chose Continental "ContiGO" tires, because of the sticky compound, and modern performance design.  I think they look great on the wheels, the front wheel is being stopped by a modern two piston sliding caliper on a 320mm Ducati rotor.  

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