Monday, February 7, 2011

 Toby is finishing up stripping the extra junk from the frame, quite a few hours went into just getting all the tabs, mounts and hangers off before we can add a flat rear hoop and some bracing.  The frame will be sandblasted next so any welding can be done on clean metal.
 The frame is looking better, some extra bracing will be designed and welded on once the motor is back in, so we avoid interference with it.
 The carbs have been cleaned and the old paint stripped off, the bodies have been ultrasonically cleaned and Toby has gone through and inspected and ordered replacement parts where needed.
Carb bowls have been ultrasonically cleaned too, and polished.

While waiting for the engine to finish up, I machined a titanium rear axle to replace the stock steel unit, for a savings of 10oz of unsprung mass.  The front will get one too, as well as rebuilt forks and custom cartridge emulators.

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  1. Do not forget to drill a hole on the threaded end for the cotter pin.