Monday, January 17, 2011

Building the XS Manx

Despite getting the business end of a screwdriver in his eye last week, Toby is back at the 650 engine, which is certainly a well engineered piece of metal.  The cam came out with little trouble, the manual specs a chain breaker to split the cam chain and extract the cam, but he managed to remove the end bearings and find enough wiggle room to get it out with ease.  The frame continues to shed weight, another hour of grinding left me with a pile of dust and useless crap to clean up, better on the floor than on the bike in my opinion, useless weight has no place on a real cafe racer.  We're planning on swapping the front forks for a set of larger XJ1100 units, the top and bottom triple clamps will be machined after we mock up the bike to measure some of the critical geometry.  The trees will likely be built with an eccentric adjustment for fork offset, to allow some fine tuning once the bike is on the road.  I'll likely be machining some cartridge emulators and building them into the fork damping system too, there's no reason to leave better roadholding out of the equation.

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