Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Building the XS Manx

This will be the story of the transformation of a cruddy old '83 XS 650 into a custom Norton Manx style roadracer.  My friend Toby Zeigler, a professional mechanic and excellent engine builder, and I have teamed up to complete this build.  With our unique skill sets, we'll have a machine that runs and handles better than it did the day it came from the factory, and looks as good as it performs.  This bike will be built to sell to a worthy buyer when completed, and we hope to be finished before the riding season really kicks in.  Of course we'll have it in ridable shape by the time the weather gets just warm enough to do a few hundred miles of shakedown rides before stripping the bike again for final polishing and powdercoating, etc.

We spent Monday afternoon getting all the extra junk off the bike and removing the engine for a complete professional overhaul.  Once apart, I realized just how ugly the stock frame is...

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