Sunday, September 29, 2013

building an alloy cafe racer tank part 3

I put together the finishing up video of the aluminum tank I'm building for a customer's XS-650, this part includes turning an aluminum bung to match up with the filler cap threaded ring, and welding the bung into the tank.  I don't weld the filler on the outside of the tank, even though that is the easier way, I weld on the inside so the cap can sit closer to the surface of the tank, it also keeps distortion down, welding on the outside can wind up wrinkling the top of the tank due to weld shrink.  I didn't get much of the bottom of the tank construction or sanding before polishing, mostly because my priority is finishing the tank properly, so sometimes I use all my concentration on the tank and forget to record parts.  Stay tuned though, I'll be making more videos, so any parts left out will probably find their way into future vids.

RCC's parts store (where you can get a tank like this)

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