Thursday, May 24, 2012

I had a customer who ordered a Phoenix tank for his CB750 ask about installing an oil tank to replace the ugly stock unit, not completely knowing how much work it would be on this particular bike, I shot him a number and he told me to go ahead!  After fabricating the top half of the tank, I set about coming up with a way to fit 2-4 quarts of oil in there too.

I had to build the tank in a big U shape to clear the backbone of the frame, so it would need two oil drains as well, otherwise one half would always stay unused.  Because I was building the tank on an empty frame, I never thought about clearance to the engine head...

Turns out the oil feeds would need to be installed on the inside of the tank, and fitted with 90 degree connectors to route the lines back along the frame instead of just straight down.

So I removed the weld in bungs and installed some custom machined ones where they'd fit best.

Then I finished up the bottom of the tank.

And the top...

And then sanded and polished the tank...

Then fitted the seat I also made for it.

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  1. Hi!
    First of all, your craftmanship is amazing! I recently opened a small garage with 3 friends, we build cafè racers and, upon request, pieces for them, like seats, exhaust, etc. Everything is handmade, but we are keeping the prices low because, like I told you, we just opened. We still haven't a clear idea of what would be the right price for the things we do! Can I ask you what is the price I could ask for a tricky tank like this (not perfect as yours obviously! ;) ) ?