Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lots got done on the XS this weekend, the battery was located and a mount built so that it will sit inside and under the rear of the tank, keeping it's weight centered, as opposed to some builds which thoughtlessly stuff it under the seat, where the extra mass is at exactly the wrong place.  The rear frame hoop was sheeted in so that the electronics can be mounted, some of the wiring was cleaned up and all the remaining sockets were replaced with gold plated connectors.  The seat was also built for the most part, it will end up being covered in leather or vinyl, so the aluminum wasn't polished.  

 The tank still needs to have the bottom welded in, mounts fabricated and then matching frame tabs welded on to the frame, now that the battery is mounted, building the bottom of the tank can go ahead.  The seat will be hinged and lock as well, so some more work needs to be done there as well.  The kickstart relocation is almost done, and once finished, the exhaust can be built and routed so that there is no interference.  Shocks, chain and swingarm should be on the menu for this week.

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  1. Just read your comments on moving the battery underneath the seat. You're absolutley right and now I have to re-think where I'm going to put mine. Very clever moving the Manx battery underneath the tank.