Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new idea for my alloy seats

I thought it might be interesting to show some progress I've been making on a seat and tank for a customer's 550.  I usually mount seats with screws to go to the frame directly, but sometimes it's nice to have a seat you can lift up to access the battery or electrical box etc.
 I found some parts at the hardware store and came up with an idea to make this easy for my customer.  I used a stainless hinge at the front of the seat, and some push in rubber bumpers to rest the seat on the frame.
 The rubber bumpers keep the alloy seat from vibrating and rubbing the powdercoat off the frame.  The seat pad is made separately and secured to the alloy base with velcro.  I make all my seats this way so if recovering the seat is ever needed, it's an easy job.  The look is cleaner too.  I just hate snaps.
 The seat hinges at the front, and for the back I imagined some kind of latch would be good.  I didn't want my customer to have to reach up under the seat to unscrew anything to lift the seat up, so I found a cabinet latch that latches under a given pressure.
Now the seat can be lifted up to access underneath, and setting it down and pressing it into the latch secures it for riding.  Lifting the seat up with enough pressure releases the latch and lets you hinge it up again.  I'm definitely going to be doing my seats like this as much as I can now!


  1. I'm not sure what kind of latch you decided to use, but from my personal experience, magnets look simplistic and never break like latches tend to. Awesome idea though!

  2. hi, i'm an owner of a kawasaki w650 .. does the racing tank in your store fit in my bike too? (without cuts and welds...)